is that they are afraid their funders will view it as a distraction.
In Defense of Diverse Founding Teams
Adam Pisoni

This has to be the craziest logic I keep hearing. Why is there not a dilemma for a white person to not walk away if this feeling even come up?

The money is only as good as the people behind it. So money from diversity is more powerful than money from non-diversity.

As a black man, why would I even entertain an all-white male angel investment firm, regardless of how much money they have to offer? Their money is no good to me because of their nature is showing me people who skin tone is similar to mine don’t matter much to them.

There is no such thing as merits or core tech, you either the big guy or small guy with a good/poor strategy to get attention, transactions and scale.

The only reason this “diversity problem” exist is because it is being tolerated by women and people of color in a docile manner. Business are not thriving because the makeup is white and male.

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