Can you tell me how this story is “fake news” when it’s a motivational piece about a personal…
Lily Chen

This is a good question and thanks for asking. What make this fake news is you are attempting to appropriate an environment to your personal experience. This is an discriminatory and intolerance issue you are engaged in and may not even realize you are doing it. And if you seeing white males (and some white females) who rely on privilege supporting you and see a black guy calling you out on it (who been though the fire), I hope you realize this and reflect on your perspective.

As an example, just because I decide to spend 3 nights on the streets do not make me a homeless person or someone who can speak to it or call myself homeless — there are bigger issues such as addiction and mental illness.

I probably have more depth in this adult entertainment industry looking at social issues from a STEM/Business POV and can simply read your text and realize you are not in the game as much as you want to portray via this self-publishing text-based platform on the Interweb. Just because you are spinning around on a pole at some spot does not allow you to speak to the bigger issues surrounding the structured misogyny platform of the industry and the real underlying issues which are a lot more troubling than your superhero narrative can overcome.

What makes your “news” fake is you are taking the environment and revolving it around your personal, exactly as you asked in the question above. This is a classic example of appropriation where someone takes another culture or environment and only focus on their personal POV than understand the environment. You were not “being yourself” — you entered the environment as an actor and you are simply trying to narrate the actor role to your confirmation bias and ignore the environment mechanics.

Like how Iggy Azalea started rapping mimicking a black female rapper style and was celebrated by whites but have no knowledge or understanding of rap culture. Or how Chicago house music was copied as EDM and celebrated by whites with no knowledge or understanding of alternative inner city urban music genres. Like how you are speaking on pole dancing but do not have the experience Blac Chyna would have or know or been through being in the industry.

I’m not here to beat up on you but I have to call out what you doing and hope you understand, especially if you are stating you are a software engineer. Your approach and appropriation is a classic mistake many software engineers or STEM people make — focusing more on yourself (or your code/product) than the actual problem-solution challenge.

For example, we have plenty of startup fintech firms that think they can operate as a bank but have no knowledge of community banking or retail banking and developing personal relationships in banking. If you want to go places and truly solve problems as a humanitarian or software engineer or self-develop as a person, learn to understand the environment and become an actor that disrupt the environment, not portray oneself as a specialized actor.

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