I Interview An Anonymous Guest on Hacking, Government, Bitcoin and Terrorism
James Altucher

Too much storytelling narratives and name-dropping indicates a level of bullshit. Snipers and hackers seem to be the so-called folklore nowadays. Both are nothing more than a hipster form of terrorists.

One can easily transpose this shit into a rock-throwing kid on the Gaza Strip turned bombmaker and have the same commentariat response but that wouldn’t be hipster, right?

All I read was a piece of low-level shit that steals data and manipulate data. That’s about as respectable as someone who pickpockets the poor among the den of thieves. And three-letter agencies that pay 55k is whatever versus real assignments.

The real ones are data and social engineers and they don’t have to hide. They are the ones that make businesses dumb enough to pay-per-click and create a “click farm” in India. They are the ones that got billions of people contributing their content for free and call it social media and have them checking their status and who unfriend them. Those are the real ones. They don’t have to hide either or play some mysterious game.

Snipers don’t win battles and hackers don’t change shit. If we look at Wikileaks and the Arab Spring, the sentiment to up rise was already there. If we look at these bullshit claims Russian was attempting to hack African-Americans and BLM, black people already felt that way.

Hacking was cute when there was only a few with access to the data. Any hacking attempt today, people still shop at the same place and keep their credit cards.

Just a nice story for the lames to admire…

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