Mitch & Freada Kapor

Translation: Can we continue to do business as usual? Can we use additional “math-based” metrics to totally keep it white and male while text-typing rhetoric about “diversity”?

The question is not whether the VC industry can be saved, that’s like asking if Jim Crow can be saved because this industry is institutional racism/sexism which Mr. & Mrs. Kapor struggles to face and address. The VC industry has to be re-engineered to accommodate a value-based culture that promotes dignity and respect.

The white people i see in the comment section including Ev adding commentary is only here text-typing for what? Living off the foundation built upon discrimination and sexism is definitely not coming off as ingenious. The majority today do not care about baseball players before Jackie Robinson or the NBA before Moses Malone, most of the people talking today better realize their future legacy. It’s a reason Malcolm Gladwell said Africa and Asia and Latin America will talk about Bill Gates, not Steve Jobs for the next 100 years.

But let answer the question about VCs from a Fourth Industrial Revolution point of view — do we really need the VC model? Do we really need the thumbs up/thumbs down likable minority or hot babe willing to put out to progress championed by Silicon Valley bigoted culture?

Or should we focus on robo-VCs that can exchange cryptocurrency for shares and provide us with blockchain ledgers from their other portfolio that show how to actually launch, remain lean and compliant?

As a black man who see what Silicon Valley VCs are really about and also excited about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that is a very simple answer to me if VCs should be saved.

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