What the Real Afro-Tech Movement in Tokyo is Announcing and Discovering

While there is an ongoing pathetic corporate-sponsored bougie attempt in the black American “AfroTech” scene to establish fake and mediocre rent-seekers as thought leaders, the real Afro-Tech with actual talent, experience and depth are making real moves worldwide to make things happen.

Fundamentally, technology is a solution delivery industry — it is not a social circle, a status club or corporate sponsored — technology is driven by innovators and problem solvers willing to create solutions the end user want to adopt and implement to better their lives, processes and structures.

I’m specifically referring to Blavity AfroTech and everybody associated with that bullshit because if anybody was actually real and their story is not based on rent-seeking validation and acceptance, they wouldn’t be part of that nonsense going on over there.

Personally and this is a real black tech expert talking — there is nothing more fun, exciting and fulfilling in the technology scene to be a true AfroTech acquiring true user stories from your base and working worldwide with real solution providers to develop the skills and processes to implement and watch the hard work and vision manifest into reality with positive impacts.

Fake AfroTech chasing money — real Afro-Tech have power and access all over this world using their skills as the stored value instead of fiat currency.

Just want to make it known and aware — I will make everybody in the African-American community as well as throughout the African Diaspora observe Blavity AfroTech and the socialite uppity bullshit they on over there while the real global AfroTech focus on actual solution delivery for our people. And I want everybody to watch in real-time as that Blavity AfroTech try to keep the real Afro-Tech talent out of their mouth and what we’re doing while they go on with their corporate-sponsored fake rent-seeking charade. The funny part is watching them think money and social media metrics are KPIs when it comes to solution implementation and adoption.

I chosen November 7–11 for our Tokyo journey not to compete with Blavity AfroTech Silicon Valley “hookup” event which is basically what it is — they have some “parties” on Friday, a couple of weak corporate-sponsored presentations and “announcements” on Saturday then “brunch” on Sunday — they ain’t trying to do anything but meetup and hopefully have sexual encounters with people they see over the Internet under the guise of talking up fluff about their tech ambitions and mention the world “millions” once in a while to wow and impress — their Blavity AfroTech agenda reeks of actually what I described. Nowhere on their agenda show anything where black tech talent is going to get together and collaborate on knocking out solutions to better the black community — ain’t nobody in the real Afro-Tech need to compete with that kind of nonsense.

I chose November 7–11 to honor Toshifumi Suzuki, the former CEO of 7–11 convenience stores who ideas helped shaped the strategic direction of the black American Afro-Tech movement. The practice Toshifumi Suzuki implemented for 7–11 stores is called area domination where they do not focus on opening one store in one area — they open multiple stores in that one area to show domination.

“7-Eleven’s business plan revolves around area domination;” Suzuki explains, “from the outset, we look at an area and assess whether it’s viable to build a large number of stores. If so, we focus our attention on one small area.”
Focusing all of their efforts and resources on any one area at a time plays an important role in keeping costs to a minimum. Everything from distribution of stock to the reach of their advertising campaigns can be confined to one location. “On top of this,” Suzuki explains, “our food arrives faster and fresher.”
But that’s not all there is to it. What we see in the 7-Eleven business model is something akin to a small but very powerful explosion, focused entirely in one area…
“Once one store has been opened, more follow in quick succession. Word of mouth spreads, and people become more and more familiar with the sight of our stores as they run into them more and more often … Although at first, each of the stores make only a minimal profit, once people’s recognition of the brand reaches a certain level, we see a sudden and dramatic increase in both visits to the store and sales figures” he explains, perhaps while standing over a map of Japan covered in groups of tiny model 7-Elevens.
So, rather than spreading themselves thin, 7-Eleven moves in, opens a bunch of stores and takes control of an entire area, the sight of each store acting as a sort of subliminal reminder.
Source: https://soranews24.com/2012/09/18/why-7-eleven-quite-literally-dominates-and-why-you-wont-find-one-in-shikoku-yet/

Area domination described by Toshifumi Suzuki can be transposed to how the American Afro-Tech movement will explode as a real movement as well. We don’t handpick one or two clowns like a Morgan Debaun or Arlan Hamilton or whatever one or two person think they special but will never sit on a stage with Ed Dunn because I will destroy their fake basic ass on that stage. Instead the real Afro-Tech movement is focused on the area domination ramping up many real Afro-Tech talent to dominate the scene so everybody knows this is a movement, not 1–2 people wanting to believe they special being written up in Fast Company when black folks in the hood don’t even know them or anything about them except they sound like a dork wanting special attention based on their skin color. And area domination of that scale can only occur through platforms such as the API economy.

I’m in Tokyo with other people dedicated to the real Afro-Tech movement November 7–11 to engage in discovery immersion to bring back patterns and practices that we apply as solutions to black urban areas that were targeted for divestment and gentrification with the explicit goal to reclaim and revitalize our communities. In basic terms, we are about black empowerment — the real mission of the Afro-Tech agenda and end game and by now, you should realize we don’t play games in the real Afro-Tech domain.

With that said, here are the following discoveries and announcements we are delivering on our first full day in Tokyo:

Black Girl Magic

The Afro-Tech movement core principle is the recognition and assurance of empowering our sistas to their full potential. The real Afro-Tech recognize and acknowledge the hyper-misogynistic environment in the black community from the black church to black music to keep black women feeling like she ain’t shit and subjected to black dudes (and other dudes) having his way over a gifted black woman. We have looked at Harajuku culture in Tokyo nearly 10 years ago as a model for establishing platforms to empower our sistas to capture and own her story and journey and celebrate her beauty on her terms. Our current visit to Shibuya and current media platforms shows a more matured environment and advanced techniques we are going to bring back home and apply. The goal is two-pronged — take out anti-sista media and platforms while uplifting and empowering our sistas to be who she is destined to be. That’s a real Afro-Tech mission — not “hook up” on Friday and Saturday at the Blavity AfroTech conference for some BlackPlanet-style sex quickie crap.


We are going to establish one of the first U+AI generated content platform that expands multiple channels and help take out garbage like Blavity and Black Enterprise who we see are colluding together on some bougie uppity nonsense together. Our original Facebook group with nearly 80k users have been running strong with user-generated content from real black folks around the world networking and promoting. We are going to leverage Facebook latest technology and APIs as well as our own augmented intelligence engine to discover and generate stories, articles and information to provide a new level of content for a black audience with depth while Black Enterprise and Blavity try to run human-generated gatekeeping games full of sensational and clickbait nonsense. Our operation is “weightless” similar to how WorldStarHipHop used originally used Facebook video platform and restreamed them on their web site to avoid data fees — we are using existing platforms to establish the information distribution and delivery and we are also going to allow user-generated content to be mixed with monetized content and use other methods to generate revenue by competing — including conferences and events.

AfroGraph 1.0

We are going to publish very soon on our GitHub AfroGraph 1.0 which is a graph processing engine platform to drive the Afro-Tech mission of empowering people, places and things. Graph processing systems is Fourth-Industrial Revolution facing and powerful focusing on nodes and subnodes to create time+space+action data lakes. For example, we will provide examples on how to launch a business operation just on the graph where every node is either a customer, an inventory item or a service during a specific time and how artificial intelligence can come in and optimize the graph and their business operation. We will also show how to create sports technology solutions using AfroGraph to make every player a node and their performance stats attributes and team activity to allow the black community quickly create sports teams and an athletic society within their community. There are dozens of content already in development to show how to use the open-source AfroGraph to create solutions in our community and we expect other real members of the Afro-Tech movement to enhance and pick up as well on graph processing systems to quickly ramp up the global Afro-Tech movement even further. We are releasing our first software project in Japan based on the AfroGraph and several of my firm platforms are already re-written to run on the AfroGraph paradigm.

Return of the Middlemen.

This was discovered through observation of how Japan can essentially never go broke — they can go through Recession, but they will always have an economic engine running strong because they practice supply-side economics which the black community in America does not practice or probably do not have an understanding of how it works. We have to create “supplies” from resources to sell in a demand-based market. For now, we are shooting basketballs, working jobs, braiding hair or creating clickbait content as a service economy and suffering declination as a result of not having true resources. If we look at Instagram and Snapchat, we got black folks literally giving away their gifted content for “likes” and “views” not realizing this is what Silicon Valley want us to do — make them rich by us giving away our content. In addition, peer-to-peer marketplaces are poor quality products and unsafe and very risky in black communities where it is very common a robbery or killing occur as a result of doing a peer-to-peer sale from mobile apps. I learned firsthand in Japan, we need to bring back middlemen to create marketplaces and exchanges and artisans who know how to harvest, refurbish and resale items at a level of quality back into the marketplace. This create quality, demand and jobs and we are going to focus on re-establishing the role of the middleman in black urban economics.

More to Come

I just cover Day 1 — we got more discovery to announce while we are in Tokyo from mobile-first push-based transactions, social credit systems to international-based hospitality in our communities as we doing real Afro-Tech missions here in Tokyo.

The only thing I’m going to say for the Blavity AfroTech conference going on is I’m privately embarrassed by you Blavity AfroTech characters and I hope you spend your Friday and Sunday working and collaborating on how to create solutions for our people and our communities instead of focusing on who you going to “hookup” with at that conference — tired of that “Freaknik” nonsense going on within the black community instead of black folks trying to make things happen at black conferences.

The real Afro-Tech out here is in Tokyo making moves and around the world as well — stop your faking rent-seeking Blavity AfroTech nonsense and get on code and on mission. Anytime you want to do something other than add a weak ass comment, my face, my articles on Medium, my platforms and my skills is ready anytime to show and tell what is the real Afro-Tech and what the Blavity AfroTech isn’t…