Why Is Associated Press Errin Haines Whack Publishing Fake News About Black Americans Under President Trump?

African-Americans are keenly aware of liberals and the DNC using media manipulation to create a false narrative of us blacks as outraged and devastated over Donald Trump winning the presidential election. I’m here to set the record straight — real African-American voices are being suppressed by the liberal media as the liberals prop up token “fake” blacks to speak for us and the real black community is not going to put up with the Democrats and liberals who have yet to explain why they written off us black people during the Presidential election campaign which contributed to Donald Trump landslide victory.

First of all, let’s use some common sense — African-Americans been putting up with racist American presidents since this country was founded, Donald Trump is nothing novel or special for African-Americans to be running around outraged about. To say black folks are outraged over Donald Trump who never held political office nor executed a black man in Arkansas like Bill Clinton or executed a black man in Texas like George W Bush during the election campaign to demonstrate they are tough on the blacks is kinda being dishonest. To say Donald Trump is as bad as running a Willie Horton ad and activated a military division to Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots is also intellectual dishonesty as well.

Can we remind everyone back in 2005, black people in New Orleans actually died crying for help on TV during Hurricane Katrina? Older black flood victims screwed over by major insurance firms not willing to rebuild New Orleans after scamming older black folks to pay for insurance in a flood zone without flood insurance? But all of the sudden, we African-Americans are supposedly outraged over Donald Trump as if we actually recovered in New Orleans and no longer being sentenced for crack cocaine longer than someone distributing pure cocaine? I mean, get the fuck out of here; Donald Trump is on a clean slate compared to the prior presidents African-Americans already had to put up with.

No one is saying African-Americans support Donald Trump and his bigotry and we are fully aware of who Donald Trump aligned with, especially the likes of Rudolph Giuliani during his campaign. But African-Americans are fully aware the major factor that separate Donald Trump from other Republicans is Donald Trump speaks what’s on his mind while other Republicans learned to communicate racism and xenophobia via a dog whistle. What I’m saying is African-Americans are also fully aware of the liberal and Democrats antics of not caring about the black community except during election season when they are asking for black votes. And we have real decades of institutional problems in the black community that the liberals and Democrats outright ignored while propping up black tokens to create a false narrative of addressing black issues.

African-Americans are suffering through above average unemployment rate within the black community and in some black communities, we do have 70%+ unemployment rate and that is not made up numbers. African-Americans have long experienced predatory lending and economic divestment in the black community where business left overseas in once working class black communities turned to crime-ridden black communities.

African-Americans are the ones that have to hear the tragic news and bury relatives and our children killed from gun violence, we are the ones following the hearse containing a teenage-sized casket to the cemetery. Health and wellness with lack of access to fresh food where only processed food is available leading to African-Americans suffering at greater rates of cancers and kidney diseases is prevalent as well as infrastructure breakdown of polluted air, water and buildings, many still contain lead and asbestos. These are our goddamn real problems in the black community, not Trump winning the presidency.

Errin Haines Whack appears to be a fringed race-obsessed writer with the Associated Press that write a lot of race-baiting fluff instead of doing real black journalist work that would uncover most of what I mentioned above. She is the kind of black content creator that liberals and the Democrat party loves to act as the filter for black issues to paint blacks as constant victims who react as “outraged” over something as petty as Donald Trump asking to meet with the Congressional Black Congress. Why is there even a discussion on this matter — if Donald Trump said in a press conference in front of a press body that he is willing to meet with the Congressional Black Congress, then set the meeting up! There is no need to make up fake news about blacks being outraged over Donald Trump exchange with the black reporter, April Ryan who could have took the damn initiative on the President urging to help setup the meeting with the CBC and participate in the meeting as a black journalist.

But African-Americans are waking up and realizing the real story behind these fake news article portraying a false narrative of us African-Americans being petty or “outrage” at Trump exchange with April Ryan — the liberals and the Democrats are trying to inhibit us African-Americans from sitting down and working with President Donald Trump on common interests such as urban renewal and addressing the out of control violence in black inner cities. The Democrats and liberals who prop up fake tokens to represent us as black people and neglected our black communities under their political leadership are working to create a false narrative via fake news publishing stating that we black people are outraged, angry and offended instead of wanting to address core issues that has been devastating our communities for decades, especially in areas such as Chicago and Detroit.

I’m asking anybody who read this article to fully understand that African-Americans have real world issues such as poor access to healthcare, economic divestment and social injustice that supersede any political partisanship because these issues affecting our black communities result in the deterioration and death of our loved ones. African-Americans are not the “pets” of the liberals and the Democratic Party and if Donald Trump wants to discuss issues affecting the inner city, black people are more than willing to sit down with President Donald Trump and hear him out on it.

Do not let fake news writers like Errin Haines Whack at the Associated Press tell you our black community is “outraged” over something as petty as a Trump press conference — kindly take a trip through our black communities in the real world (Google Street View works as well) and you will truly see what we African-Americans are truly outraged about after giving liberals and the Democrats our loyalty and how the DNC try to keep us blacks in the ghetto just wanting us to keep voting for (D) every election season.

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