How I fought through anxiety and depression to finish freeCodeCamp’s front end dev program
Emily Aamodt

Hi Emily,

Thanks for sharing your personal and private journey. As a long time sufferer of depression and anxiety your story gives me hope and I hear you about the medication, I fell asleep constantly and the withdrawal side effects were horrible not to mention insomnia issues. I tried freeCodeCamp last year and gave up. I took on to many other projects like codecademy and Udemy courses believing that I needed to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. Hopefully I can climb out of my current dark procrastinating slump and get back into freeCodeCamp soon. I recently worked for a local web dev/design company who tried to do me out of my wages after agreeing to work for them for free for the first few weeks to get a handle on their working methods. They offered to pay me a wage after working for them for 4 weeks for free as a web designer. I completed all the projects and tasks they sent my way successfully and then after two weeks the boss started questioning my value and didn’t want to pay me in full. In the end I found out he took on an intern for 4 months, which meant he had someone for free again. I manged to get my wages but it has left me doubting myself and a feeling of whats the point. Your story however has given me hope. So fingers crossed and heres hoping. Thanks again.

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