Why do you feel?

“Why do you breathe?”

Some may reply with hesitation or have no answer to such a silly question. To live, simply, we must breath.

To continue living, each breath is taken either in ease or with struggle, unknowingly or with intent. We breath to live and no one asks for your validation. But when it comes to one’s emotions, we expect something else entirely.

We are strange creatures, are we not?

We as a people grow up as either the minority or in social superiority. Either with little to no materialistic objects or a home which to some is a mansion. A lack of proper role models who inspire us to achieve or a father who we aim to be. Given the proper environment we don’t expect each other to validate our personal feelings, and instead handout plenty of “we understand(s).”

We simply expect empathy to balance the hatred. Because of our glorious society, we fill each other with anxiety if not up to date with materialistic variety.

So being the minority, you may not always have what others do and this goes beyond materials.

Perhaps your family is broken, perhaps you often go hungry or perhaps you lack a father, a mother, or both. For those who grow up with little to nothing are granted the pleasure to feel irrationally. However, what if you weren’t.

What if you grew up without these hardships.

Say you always had food on your table, a solid place to call home, and you had a loving mother and father. The picture perfect life, so to speak. What problems could you possibly have? You have everything after all.

You are fortunate, compared to the minority you contain superiority. So what right do you have to feel irrationally. You have everything while others have nothing, so what reason do you have to feel so low.

Let’s name a few. Oh, your parents are arguing, go cry about it. Oh, your parents had a divorce? What’s it like having two parents; I wouldn’t know. I mean you almost have everything you want or need for a good life, so you have no reason to feel this way. You Have No Reason To Feel This Way.


To feel is to breath and to breath is to live. If you do not feel all there is to feel you will not have lived. There is the saying you can’t know happiness without sadness. There is no light without darkness.

One can not force themselves to not feel certain emotions, for they come as the ocean sways. One does not need a reason to feel, only acceptance and when shared, acknowledgement. Do not ask one to validate their feelings. We all feel irrationally. We all feel however fleeting it may be. There is no need for validation only admiration, for I admire those who live life with emotion in each breath.

Thanks for reading my short deduction of feelings. I hope you enjoyed and understand what it is I am trying to say. I am indeed biased as you can tell from my writing, but also I believe we all have a right to feel. We all crave acknowledgement and validation in what we feel whether it is wrong or right. We all feel. This, we can at least understand and hopefully come to an agreement on.

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