The Meteoric Rise of Xiaomi

China’s answer to Apple

If you live in the West you may not be familiar with Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. However, they managed to make global tech news headlines last week with the announcement of their Mi Mix device.

Featuring a stunning edgeless display and boasting some really impressive specs — 6GB of RAM anyone? — it’s not suprising to see those outside of China taking notice of Xiaomi.

Successful brand mantra

By examining the process Xiaomi has undergone as a company, it is clear to see they have their sights firmly set on becoming a global market contender in the future.

Looking at their offices, there is evidence of inspiration taken from firms in Silicon Valley, particularly Google — they have similar office slides for those looking for a swift and fun way to descend the building.

Image Credit: Engadget

Speaking of the building, it is visually attractive with a modern aesthetic and open layout — no doubt to encourage social interactions.

Employees are able to join a variety of in-house sports clubs to promote team building and add the important value of play.

Mi stores

Xiaomi is currently rolling out stores to sell their products and aims to open 1,000 of them by 2020 — previously, sales were online only.

These stores look suspiciously similar to Apple’s. Seriously, it’s borderline lawsuit material.

Image Credit: Engadget

The products also look straight out of Cupertino, but here’s the thing — they are affordable.

Image Credit: Gearbest

This laptop is packing some seriously impressive specs for a relatively wallet-friendly £740 in the UK. The new entry-level Macbook Pro sans touch bar comes in at whopping £1500 for a machine with the same specs minus the dedicated graphics card that Xiaomi was kind enough to include.

This bang for your buck philosophy is present throughout their entire ecosystem — they sell capable fitness trackers for under £20.

Apple quality products for less than half the price

This means consumers can pick up products that rival the most expensive and innovative brands on the market but for much less.

When you consider this, it’s easy to see how they have dominated the Chinese market in just 5 years. With some investment in Europe and North America, they could repeat that trick in another 5.

Your move Apple.

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