McDonald’s Is The Only Restaurant That Should Be In Airports
Fran Hoepfner

I suppose I should know better than to respond to an article written just to get people mad enough to respond … a troll article.

But, just to be clear:

Many of us care about what we eat. We don’t eat in McDonald’s — ever.

When I fly … and I fly a lot … I like to go to the airport early so I don’t have to worry about TSA delays, Then I find the best restaurant in the terminal, order a nice meal and down a few cocktails. It’s a good way to relax before the flight. (If I have time, I get a chair massage, too.)

The choices in any decent airport are not limited to Wolfgang Puck’s, McDonald’s and Starbucks. Most large airports typically have a couple of nice enough restaurants and that’s even more true for international airports.

Enjoy your Big Mac, Fran. I’ll be enjoying my steak with a couple of whiskeys on the side.

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