Waltonchain is Building Smart Cities

Last night Citilink Technology (implementation team of Waltonchain) announced winning the Outstanding Product Award at the Global IoT Summit for 2017. The product was the Smart Waste Management System designed by Citilink and built on the Waltonchain IoT platform.

This award has illustrated the team’s incredible technical capacity but also revealed their intentions to become the platform for Smart City innovation.

Smart Cities

A massive government led effort is quickly making China a leader in Smart City design and IoT integration. Rapid urbanization has led to many new challenges for China but also represents a great opportunity to deploy new technology. At this point 500 cities have Smart City programs targeting operational efficiencies and resource optimization. This is a heavily subsidized government program.

The Smart Waste Management system is a perfect use of Walton’s RFID + Blockchain technology. A combination of truck-mounted and handheld RFID scanners makes the collection of data fully automated. Writing this data to the blockchain makes it immutable, trusted and open.

From the Waltonchain press release: The system proposed fully realizes the “four modernizations” of waste management: precise waste level supervision, real-time disposal, full management mapping and system integration. It includes independent patented technology such as sanitation smart watches for staff, smart trash cans, ultra-low power multi-channel detection devices, and other advanced technology and equipment for all levels of environmental waste management. Equipped with corresponding sensing equipment, intelligent terminals and systems, we are able to connect people, things, and most importantly data, to greatly enhance the management and operational efficiency of the waste industry.

Screenshots from the Citylink Smart Waste Management application based on Waltonchain

Using embedded sensors and live data creates the possibility for vast improvements over a non-connected waste system. Even just the knowledge of waste level on a can-by-can basis can provide huge cost savings. Imagine a dynamically adjusted truck route based on actual demand rather than simple routine. That is just one of the features implemented here.

Massive-scale trusted data is what the Waltonchain platform offers at its core. This trove of data stands to be next great resource for innovation. In the case of the Smart Waste Management system, this data enables a vast array of efficiency improvements such as fuel savings, smart route optimization and compliance optimization. These efficiencies, once replicated across China’s entire Smart City program, will create a material difference in our impact on the planet.

A Network of Companies with Deep Knowledge

Waltonchain’s ability to deliver in the competitive environment of IoT and Smart City design comes from it’s broad technical talent. Waltonchain is actually a network of companies each with it’s own technical expertise. The Smart Waste Management System was developed by Xiamen Citylink Technology. Citylink specializes in IoT implementation and Smart City design and has many more projects in the works.

Highly Efficient IoT Future

The western world has been slow in adopting new technologies that can transform its infrastructure. Fueled by intense Government support, China and many other asian countries are moving with incredible speed. Waltonchain’s advanced ‘Internet of Things’ ecosystem looks like it is set to become the catalyst for a highly efficient, finely tuned, IoT future.