Thank you for your response!

I like that conclusion. It covers the economic part of the equation.

Although I do think we still need a currency based system. At least some sort of credit system that distributes the ressources we have on this planet. Abundance is all good, but if we don’t have private economy what is to limit every individual claiming 100 yachts?

And a system where we are all 100% equal goes against human nature. Basic concepts like lust and greed are quite fundamental to us. Hierarchy and choice are important.

I hope what is happening once a lot of people are jobless is that they start to organize themselves in a lot of interesting and productive communities: Urban gardening, sports, politics, knowledge exchanges and general local community service would be the more positive examples.

Imagine what a wonderful world we could create if thousands of people were working to make their local community better and more beautiful in lots of different ways.

We would still need to give incentive to individuels who choose to take part in more traditional work. And offering them an economic bonus like we already do today seems like a simple solution to me.

In general I try to imagine a world that is as free as it is today without the need for hardcore capitalism to be the engine behind that.

But I can’t stop but thinking this might not be enough and that this exciting new world is a lot more exciting for opportunistic and ressourceful people.

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