VR uses in architecture

This is an exercise as part of a VR course that I am taking.

Using VR in archictecture to do walkthroughs & try out lighting arrangements. To be able to be in a environment to get a feel for lighting set-ups.


  • Age

20 & up

  • Occupation, if any

architect, interior designer

  • Name

Ines Druft

  • A Quote

“Notice the quality of light in the room”

  • 2–3 sentences describing what motivates them

Works on all kinds of projects as an architect does; aspires to do the best possible work & take time to get it right; likes to iterate on projects.

  • Their experience level with VR

None but has experienve with using software to visualize work

  • How accessible would each VR platform be to your target student in terms of price? Take into account location, age, and income.

Being aimed at a professional level, the software cost could be based size of the business. The software could be a hundreds of dollars to to per year to license.

  • How interactive does your lesson need to be? For example, do I need to pick things up or could I get away with just looking at objects?

It would need to be quite interactive to be able to set up rooms & lights & also allow for the time of day.

  • How realistic do your visuals need to be in order to teach? For example, could I use 2D images and videos in a 3D Environment or do you need high poly 3D models.

The models would need to be quite realistic. One question is can the app allow for importing of models.

  • Does my student need to feel like a participant in the experience or can they be a passive viewer? Could they be both?

The user would need to be able to create lighting set-ups; there could be lighting pre-fabs to chose from that can be customized.

  • Given the answers above, what are potential platforms you could use for your experience?

Considering graphical fidelity is important; the system need to work on higher end systems with state of the art GPU’s. It could possible work on higher spec mobile phones using Google Daydream, Samsung Gear & beefier platforms like HTC Vive.

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