Clintonists Suddenly Claiming It’s Perfectly Normal To Do Oppo Research With Russians
Caitlin Johnstone

I get where you are coming from, the hypocrisy of the parties. I agree with the notion that the pearl clutching is over the top and that it’s bad they are trying to hide the fact that they both do it. But where your point goes off the rails is when you say we are “manufactur(ing) support for new cold war escalations and to leverage the current administration into taking a more hawkish position toward Moscow”.

Regardless of collusion of both campaigns, anything but strict pushback on Russia is unacceptable. This is a regime that silences (kills in a lot of cases) dissidents that voice opposition (even when they go through legal channels like running against them in an election). A regime that thinks gay people are a cancer to society. I could go on and on but I digress.

My point is that, from the sounds of it, you want to want make nice with Russia. This would be dangerous in many ways in that it would legitimize Putin’s government and open the door to more influence from master manipulator.

You also side-step the fact that Putin directed a massive attack on our democracy. You focus on the parties pointing fingers and redirect the story to China, how this will all lead to a war . I’d say that ship has sailed once Putin seemed to think he could shape the world into his image.

If you don’t think Russia is a threat then you might want to rethink your narrative.

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