Dear Dark-Skinned Black Girl, You’re Beautiful ❤
Black Bohemian Mama

Who gives a dam that you are black really, I for sure don’t! however you are absolutely gorgeous and strong willed. Anyone who puts the color of their skin as a self description is only segregating them selves with a prideful nature as if the color of ones skin actually means anything. this is the very nature of human behavior that leads to racism. I can settle for the fact that outwardly you are one of the most attractive women I have ever seen. That’s unfortunate that you had to deal with people who put you down because of the color of your skin, by ignorant people who think they are superior by the color of theirs. beware of how this has affected your outlook on your own life and self image, as I have no doubt your pride is a reaction of their disdain. The lesson to learn here is how to rise above all above this and not to become the very same or similar through lack of understanding. We are all Human not black red white tan pink purple. Your color is irrelevant your actions however are not. For this very reason if my children ever put the color of their skin as a part of the self chosen title they would spend they next year grounded with a daily lecture and I would most certainly break down that Bs pride based on color spawned out of pure ignorance and the basic building block of racism.