The Narrative of Russian Intervention on the US Election, Debunked.

Given if you have time and use it in reading the 13 page manifesto given by the US intelligence agencies on whether the Russian government hacked into the 2016 Presidential Election, you will find no evidence connecting The Kremlin.

The report proves nothing in terms of Russian intervention, the most damaging evidence is using ‘YARA’ to discover Malware which it had discovered. But there is no indication of who put it there and instead of leaving it at that the manifesto claims it’s Russia, with no evidence. In the whole report it was portraying Russian government in meddling in US democracy without evidence to back it up.

Diagrams have also shown that this was neglect due to a staffer who had opened a malicious email sent from an anonymous source, it’s whole report is stating it’s Russia without evidence it’s Russia, from claims Russia has technology to do this, without showing they did anything, in fact this report would be better in showing how Russia could hack, rather than using it has stated facts Russia hacked the US election.

This manifesto is as ridiculous as the one in which they tried to portray Iraq of having WMD’s, but lets play the hypothetical assumption Russia hacked the US, Iraq had WMD’s and the US intelligence agencies told the truth.

Wikileaks released Vault 7 leaks showing not only the vast surveillance on the general public CIA conducts, but also a vast computer hacking mechanism known as ‘UMBRAGE’ which allows the US to cyber attack other governments and leave “fake fingerprints” blaming other governments for the attack or even themselves.

What makes this worse for the people using narratives is that the CIA shared it’s computer program to other foreign governments/intelligence agencies which did not keep project ‘UMBRAGE’ safe.

It is now unknown whether ‘UMBRAGE’ is in the hands of US oppositions or possibly anonymous hacking groups. Who knows if Israel hacked Iran, North Korea cyber attacked the US or even Russia hacking the US.

Meanwhile you have Democratic politicians constantly attempting to connect Russia to Trump yet forget that the DNC is as much if not more connected to the Kremlin than the Republicans.

The Clinton campaign was given $35 million from a Russian company called Rusnano, funded directly from the Kremlin. In fact, Russia’s Science Minister had called Rusnano “Putin's Child”

Hillary also went on to sell 20% of US uranium to the Russian government for a quid pro quo in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation a play for pay scheme that seemingly lost much of it’s money when Hillary lost the US presidential election.

But the bigger picture in all of this is public opinion towards the US intelligence agencies keeping this technology in safe hands has now left the bigger question which is who is attacking who.