The Young Turks: Regurgitated News From Mainstream Media With a Pinch of More Bias

Cenk Uygur for some time has tried to separate TYT from corporate mainstream media yet he forgets not only TYT is in partnership with Fusion (owned by Univision Communications) he’s also in partnership with a Qatari funded news media organisation Al Jazeera.

This revelation to many would make sense why TYT would constantly attack Trumps immigration policies and soft approach to Islamic Extremist attacks, being that Univision and Trump settled a $500 million dollar lawsuit over his Miss USA & Universe telecast over comments he made on Mexican immigration and partners Al Jazeera are funded by the same government that spread Wahhabism.

But lets get back to TYT and it’s “independent” journalism which unlike Infowars who at least sells vitamin supplements to fund itself, TYT on the other hand ask for donations ranging from $3 - $500, if not you can purchase some Bernie Sanders t-shirts to which the DNC, mainstream media and TYT threw to the side to support and endorse Hillary Clinton.

Cenk has explained he does not care to have sides, he will expose the Democratic side and the Republican’s using the money to hire journalists similar to the ones he has such as Jordan Chariton who worked for MSNBC and Fox News, Shaun King of The Daily News and Michael Tracey from Vice News.

Delving in further to the hypocrisy watching the many videos they post to YouTube, they leave links to the news source which the majority isn’t even TYT news at all, but news from the corporate mainstream media which they fight against. The way it works is when mainstream media breaks a bias partisan narrative TYT will use it later, only older, used up, already seen, regurgitated news, with more bias and much more regressive opinions.