*Colorblind* isn’t the Goal
Debra Guckenheimer

My daughter who is 3 and biracial already knew she was “different” at her all white school. We teach our daughter about race through uniqueness — which makes everyone special. There was an episode at her friends school where a white male student (4 yrs old) told an Indian girl to go to the back of the line because she is Indian (literally). I wonder where that kid learned that .. hmmm. When I was told the story by the Indian students mother my mouth dropped considering how much the mother pays for the institution. Personally, as a child when growing up, I knew I was different (being black) in a all white school, but I gravitated to common interest with my peers as oppose to differences which I learned in my later years in university, workforce and media. We do more damage by not acknowledging race — its apart of our social construct.

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