Living in a Hostel? Here is How to Save Money

College time is no doubt one of the most enjoyable periods of one’s life. However, like with other good things, it has its own downsides. Foremost, you’re very limited on funds, and you need to plan accordingly. But on the bright side, it is also an opportune chance to learn how to manage the finances in your life. Here are some ways to save money in a hostel:

#1. Start Earning
College time is the best test ground for all your skills and talents. With endless connectivity, you’re able to share any kind of talent with audiences and monetize it in an efficient way. It’s like practicing the art of self-financing before completing your graduation or post graduation Some effective skills that you can try right now are Website designing, making music, content writing, and selling accessories.

#2. Eat at the Hostel
I know, you know, every hosteller knows that hostel messes are not what one would like to have food 3-times a day. Personally, I don’t prefer having continuous hostel mess meals. But if you want to save money then you should have frequent meals in your hostel mess. In case, you haven’t been in a hostel mess before, don’t expect scrumptious meals from the place.

#3. Think and Spend
I know most of us receive a very limited amount of money and it is easy to run out of money by the end of the month. Moreover, it is a zestful time when we’re attracted to any new fad that our friends are talking about, our love interest or pretty much for any imprudent cause. Whilst going with the flow, you might be spending on certain impulses, which can cause the money to dwindle. Hence, to save money, curb unnecessary expenses, like eating a cone at an ice cream parlour. Moreover, it’s a good option to save money for any kind of future emergency.

#4. Save on Your Mobile Bill
You can save some money on your mobile phone bill in several ways, by switching off data when not in use, watching videos with a free wi-fi connection, etc. Make use of your phone for online recharge via apps to pay bills and earn benefits.

#5. Retailers love to offer Student Discounts
A number of shopping spots offer a student discount. These stores can be for prepaid mobile recharge, grocery stores, bookshops or street markets. Most of these places will offer student discounts, or offer products at rates that are affordable for hostellers.

#6. Facilities are included in Fees
A smart way to save money is to make the optimum use of college amenities and services. Most hostels today have a gym facility; hence, you need to make use of it rather than spending money in some 3rd-party gymnasium. Have a good look at all the services your hostel offer.


Hostel life is an enjoyable ride where you will be making friends for life. Get the most out of your online recharge for data, it is advisable to make use of hostel Wi-Fi whenever possible.