The Arrow of Truth

For the past year my life has been a whirlwind of one change after another. This experience has taken me on an emotional rollercoaster like no other. I changed to save my shriveling spirit and renew the gray lifeless soil eroding my soul. Through this, I have been reborn and discovered more truths about myself, life and the universe than I can communicate. As Khalil Gibran said in The Prophet, “Your Joy is your sorrow unmasked…The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” With clear, hopeful eyes I see the light and hope in the world. Looking for signs like a Shakespearean soothsayer is part of my new vision.

Recently, while writing poetry near a rippling water’s edge I observed the sun blazing behind a gauzy thick cloud. With its fire safely contained behind the cumulous cover, I watched the slow symphony of celestial movement. Patience and peace quelled my questing mind as I appreciated the tome of truth transpiring before my eyes. As the cloud slid away from the sun a single ray of sunlight lit upon the water and began coursing toward my resting spot. The light grew in length and narrowed to a piercing point while wending its way across the water. I watched in rapt awe at this flaming arrow-tip gliding directly at my position of repose. In this moment, I gained an understanding and reassurance that I had been desperately needing:

Yes, I am on the right path. Rediscovering my own luminous self. Leaner, humbled, and moving in the right direction. I am becoming me once again.

The next work morning, I was visited by an Executive and offered a different position from the one which was a significant cause of unhappiness. When I checked the mail at home I found handwritten letters from my father and grandmother, both completely unexpected and touching. In fact the one from my father was so loving and supportive that it made me cry. I observed the sign from the sky, contemplated its meaning and the very day my world opened anew while being lifted by my loved ones. Through these trials I have improved in nearly every way and emerged humbled, a bit wiser and possessing the ability to see the sunshine through the clouds.

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