PAWS | Animal Charity

We love animals.

The mission of PAWS is to provide animals with basic needs for a happy and healthy life, including love and care.
This is a platform where the development team helps cares and loves our smaller brothers. Provides them with various assistance and helps them not only to find their home but also to be loved
in the world around them. This is the first platform in the world created on the blockchain to help animals. The mission is mainly focused on the care and support of dogs and cats,
but gradually spread to the wild.

One of the best projects you can find. A great idea and a competent development team is the key to the success of this project. I think this is one of my best investments.
All the people around will be able to help and collaborate through one charity network.
PAWS chose to create cryptocurrency on this basis, since it is one of the best modern methods for instant transactions and minimal transaction fees.
Using blockchain technology in this area allows you to more easily and quickly make transactions and be confident in them.

PAWS Token is already trading on

The wallet can be downloaded here:
The coin should help all the animals on the planet who need it and this truth will depend on you and me.
All charitable organizations thanks to this new product can be as one whole because you can achieve a lot together. You can communicate with yourself and your friends on the forum
( There you can find a lot of different information as well as on the Discord forum:

I think that it is worth paying attention, because if all the planned products and services are actually implemented on this platform, then it can become very popular.
I am happy to be part of this project. I recommend everyone to join! The project is very interesting and very promising.