First Step Into Coding World

It is always a scary thought when it comes down to <code>. However, it is not what you think. It takes first step to get into it and the whole world is different. So, that “ FIRST STEP” is very essential if you want to be a coder.

First Step

When you start, you just need to focused on what you want to learn. When you enter into the world of coding, there is so many options that one might get overwhelmed by the amount of programming languages available and seem to be lost. But, when you know what you want to be then things get easier.

You need to find your passion and realize what you enjoy the most. For example: If you love passion for creating some design then you should go for sprogramming languages which focuses on design section such as HTML( HyperText Markup Languages) and CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet).This will assist you a lot in learning how to code since you know what you want as a outcome in the beginning of your learning phase. So, always take one step at a time and learn one programming language first before jumping to another. This will make your learning curve a piece of cake. Good Luck with the Coding Journey :)