All thing you should know about — The Beginning

Its all begin with the Hackathon, Steve Jobs and a Girl. Quite Complex right! You’ll get it all as the story begins. Because this can be little long i suggest you have some food around you and feel the thrill of it. Don’t start building stories in your evil mind, bare with me. Like SharukhKhan said, “ sirf mera startup Nahi hai, Woh Zindagi hai meri! ( is not only my startup it’s my life!)”.

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Chapter 1 — A Girl

After my 12th grade, i lost my all dignity from my DAD. So he decided my college, which stream i should take and other all stuff that mostly i had the rights to take. So here I’m in computer engineering, where in class there are more girls than boys. When other “COLLEGE BUDDIES” are planning for parties and stalking girls, i was studying. Studying to prove my DAD that your son is not an ordinary one.
 /// Boooom ///


There she was. My friend pointed out and said, “Look at that beauty!”. He was in love with her but afraid to talk to her. I took the initiative and talk to her exchange names and started talking to her. My first try was to make like my friend. How he is good in this and that. But eventually, i fall in love with her. After 2 weeks of talking and chatting, i finally proposed her with “Guitar (Engineer’s Weapon)”.

3 years passed, we were happy and did all things that college couples do. I planned so many things for future. Started working on it. But things not went well in the end and we broke up. She married to some guy (because that what Indian parents do!) and i started my own venture (because that what frustrated engineer do!).

Chapter 2 — Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Said

This man Rocks. Somewhere in Startup’s bible ‘Steve Jobs’ is the god, everyone in the town wants to be like The Steve Jobs of his company. So, I was also in that “Steve Jobs is Awesome” city. Read his biography by Walter Isaacson in one night. And made my decision to do something disruptive in my life.

What things you need to become a replica of steve jobs???
 Hard Work, Complete dedication and tough decision.


You’ll need a Steve Wozniak! A PICASSO who can build a masterpiece. But at that time I had friends who don’t even know how to install OS in Laptop. So, I started exploring that UNICORN in different coding Bootcamp. In which i also learned a lot. Where i met Mr. Karan Pujara, Founder of I helped him to get Crowd Fund. Also, he taught me lots of things which i can’t forget.

In one of the python BootCamp, I met Mr.Pravash Day who introduced hackathon to us. I was excited to be a part of that amazing constant coding competition.

I know what you are thinking why the hell he named this chapter ‘Steve jobs’? It is because this all hackathon boost up and taking risks kind of motivation comes after reading that book. In my first year, i went to around 15 different boot camps and workshops ‘ALONE’ where i met with people and they connected me with different people. Like steve jobs said, ‘Connecting the Dots!’. Don’t stop yourself, push yourself. I have never prayed to GOD, i follow peoples. Steve Jobs is one of the first kinda people.

Chapter 3 — Hackathons

So, till this part of the story you got to know about my dad, college life, a girl and starting a new era of hackathons. But none of that parts has ‘’ in it. Because those are the foundation of ‘’. These are the things that make me feel to start

Now, Hackathons a place where coding geeks battle with each other by seating for at least 36 hrs constant. So when i first met pravash dey, he told me a lot about hackathon culture of US/UK. How they enjoy as a coding festival. They drinks, code, play games and disrupt tech world.

Hackathon culture
Hackathon culture

Atta bOy! This will gonna change my life. I filled the form at that night and called my Wozniak to come with me and we’ll gonna make something disruptive. He agreed and i started thinking about some ideas that we can build in the hackathon. Before 2 days ago my Wozniak leaves me because he wants to attend some family function rather coding competition. Here I’m alone and frightened of big mind geek. How will i survive in that competition? That point, steve jobs did awesome work. He told me GO FOR IT !. I went there, I convinced two people to work/code for me on my idea and Ta Daaa we won the second prize on my first ever hackathon.

Digital India Hackathon winning Team
Digital India Hackathon winning Team

With that hackathon born. On initial level idea was to compare two news from different channels. Like how true that news are. People will punch on the fake news and will give that data to the government. Later on, the idea got structured people from different sectors shaped it. And converted into a comparison based social network. In which not only news but every small thing we can compare. But the problem is that I’m not good with coding and my other team doesn’t want to be a part of the startup. They have reasons. So, i decided to become Wozniak of my own. I got addiction of Hackathons. After that, i have participated in at least 10 different hackathons from Delhi to Bangalore everywhere. Won almost all expect one or two.

Met different people from different states with different mindsets. And convinced other three people to work with me as a partner on this idea. Two guys are good with coding, one with designs and i my self-handling marketing of it. Still, we have some doubts about our idea so we have started participating in Business Model Competition. Started going to different startup meetups like eChai and all.

Damn everything was so good and we’re building our beta product. After launching our BETA in public our one of the best coder left us giving some silly reasons. Again we were three people sailing the boat of After some time we got one another person who helped us in web design and later on become the part of our team.

It seems simple right! No, it’s not we gonna through so many things. There were good part and worst too. But somehow we reached this long in the wide ocean of entrepreneurship. It’s like that Chinese doll. Fall to Grow Up. We went to so many competition, meetups, startup fairs, Summits and more. Met with so many startups shared our Stories with each other and VCs (Visiting Cards).

So these were the result of us:

  • We won second prize in Digital India Hackathon.
  • Got featured in ETV news channel.
  • Selected in IIIT-D Hackathon(top-60) among India’s top developers.
  • Won HackBaroda competition Top-10 Team.
  • Got first prize in HackMSU for this IDEA.
  • Got First Prize in i.Biz Business Model Competition, DAIICT
  • Got First Prize in i.App Application prototype Competition, DAIICT
  • Got Second Prize in InOut 2.0 Hackathon (SalesForce Category )
  • GTU Hackathon 2016: Runners Up
  • Oakbrook Business Plan Competition (Runners Up)
  • Got Featured in Local Newspaper as an emerging start-up of Gujarat
  • Got Featured in

At last, let connect the dots. First A Girl, because i love her and she was coming from very conservative family i want to make my stand so that i can stand to her family. Because of that, I’ve started my journey from the 1st year of computer engineering.

I come from the college where people only care about is CPIs (Exam Marksheet) and professors don’t like students to participate in other college’s competition. That time steve jobs helped me to make decisions. To go alone and make paths of your own. Eventually, people joined with me on the same journey also my own college too. In my last two year, I’ve organized two hackathons in my own college.

Hackathons are like “Master Yoda” they show me a right path towards my startup. where i met so many mentors and developers. from which i got my team.

Now, we’re live with our platform’. On Android app and a website. Having 400+ users and going well. We incorporated our company on 3rd January 2017 with the name ‘MonkMad Pvt. Ltd.’. Also doing client work to make sure things go well with punchit.

Founding Members:

  1. Harshdeep Champaneri — Handling PR and BDM
  2. Sarang Kachhadiya — Handling Development
  3. Jay Gagnani — Handling Client side development work
  4. Yash Chauhan — Handling Design part of the company

This is my beginning. Beginning of new world called ‘Business’. Where you have responsibilities and have to earn money to sail your boat for a long run. Do share this with your friends and fans. Let me know in the comment section if you have any question.

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- Have guts & Go for it -

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