Difference between Entrepreneur and Business Person | Answer to a Quora Question

Entrepreneurship is a first stage towards business person. Mark Zukerberg is a business man, but he was an entrepreneur first.

As per my experience when i started my startup/business/venture, i worked as a peon, developer, designer & more like that. But now i focused on one thing handling business and public relation.

Because I’ve team and that i started building when i was in my entrepreneur life. I learned a lot at my initial journey. Even i’m learning now, but now i’m also giving advice to the new entrepreneurs. For me that is the biggest change/difference between entrepreneur and businessman.

You can do this kind of comparison on my social comparison platform ‘Punchit.io’. It’s one of my product when i have started my journey as solo entrepreneur.

I hope I’ve justified your question in a good manner thank you.

I’m the founder of Punchit.io

I’m Harshdeep Champaneri. I’m a failed computer engineer, Graphic designer, Story teller, Social media analyst and passionate public speaker. I’ve started my company in the second year of my engineering. Since than I’ve spoken at many startup events, worked as Graphic designer and social media manager. And kept moving forward with one idea : Fail as many time as you can, because every time you learn something that will power your strength next time. Don’t be stable. I founded Punchit.io a comparison based social media Application.