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So, I recently broke up with girl that i love so much after 2 years of relationship . Don’t worry it’s not about my break up it’s about why i broke up…?

If you are from western countries you would say “You don’t like this this in him or she has problem with you in this this habits”. But In Indian couples have no problem with each other, society has a problem with them.

She is rajput and in their so called awesome RAJPUT Samaj(society) has rules for girls that before turning 21 girls should be engaged otherwise they don’t get the good husband. Same thing happen with her , family forced for marriage she can’t refuse because Boy comes from a very good family, they are rich, boy studied from NIRMA University(Famous in India) & the main thing is they are agreed to permit her for after marriage she can do jobs or higher studies.

Then, she broke up, cried, accept the situation and moved in her life. This little part of my life took me to a very serious matter that in my college how many girls are engaged or marriage?

In my Class Engaged girls = 6
In my College Engaged & Married girls = 50+ Engaged & 2 Married (Approx.)
In GTU (Gujarat Technology University) has 500+ engneering colleges = 25k+ Eng. & 1k+ Married (Approx.)
What about other stream colleges (Arts,commerce etc.)?
What about girls who never goes to college because of marriage?
India has the highest number of child brides in the world. It is estimated that 47% of girls in India are married before their 18th birthday.
The rates of child marriage vary between states and are as high as 69% and 65% in Bihar and Rajasthan.
While fewer Indian girls are marrying before the age of 15, rates of marriage have increased for girls between ages 15 to 18.
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I’m not against the Indian culture or a particular society i’m against the poor mentality that people have this days. If you ask father of this girls that why you did engaged your daughter she is just 18 and still studying?

“Son, you’ll not understand the society. Now days love marriage are so increased and i don’t want my daughter ran away like other girls for love like shit”. The best answer I've ever get is “Our society not allowed us for love marriage.Otherwise they will kick us out from society”.

So, till now we talked about girl’s family but what about other side means boys who are married with under aged girls. In my case my ex engaged with a boy who is studied from big college, working in Gujarat High court, comes from a good family and he has 1 sister who is also 20 year old.He’s so happy without any efforts(like i did) or without knowing her like/dislike he gets the girl. He’ll never know that she has past or she loved some one, nothing.

I don’t know how to conclude this blog and what is the ultimate solution for this ? Things i have understand or learnt from my experience is we can’t do anything before those girls don’t want to so girls :

  • Be Brave
  • Fight for your Rights
  • Don’t depends on somebody even your parents
  • Take Risk
  • Purpose of life | Dream | Goals
  • Do things that you like not others (or Society)
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Don’t live your life, Feel Your life. Thank you for reading this till the end appreciate your efforts and patience.I would like to hear from you also may in some point your thoughts are different from me. Happy to Welcome your thoughts.