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Hello Smart People, How is your summer going? Do tell me your funny summer stories in the comment section. In this blog, we’ll gonna talk about an amazing platform called PointOnly.com which provides information in Points. Let’s Roll the Blog.

PointsOnly.com — The Information in Points


I’m kind of person who doesn’t like long conversations, Never Ending Discussions and No conclusion debates. Have you felt in the same way? if yes, then welcome to the world of Points to Point discussion. That world has now a digital platform it’s called — PointsOnly.com.

Let’s discuss the platform by the golden circle rule (Why, How & What).

‘Why’ — PointsOnly.Com

Because the founder of it is my friend and I want you guys to explore this platform ;) Just Kidding. Here are the WHYs of PointsOnly.com.

  1. It make the process understanding easy
  2. No need to read whole articles
  3. Point to Point Conversation
  4. Get the best knowledge in short time
  5. Easy to understand UI

Let me give you an example of Pointers that I created to make people understand of our platform ‘Punchit.io

Punchit.io description in PointOnly
Punchit.io Description on PointsOnly
Punchit.io Description on PointsOnly

‘How’ — PointOnly Works

It works fine 😅. PointsOnly has a great UI that makes the process very easy. Let’s see how it works:

Dash Board

PointsOnly DashBoard
PointsOnly DashBoard
  • It have the latest pointers of all users
  • Also, you can access to your pointers & trending Pointers through menu.
  • Search gives you the targeted pointers.
  • Red Plus button helps to create your own pointers.

Create Pointers

Create New Pointer
Create New Pointer
  • Add title
  • One Image (Mostly Cover like)
  • Add Pointers (Max 160 character’s’)
  • Also, you can add reference URLs
  • Edit Tags otherwise it’ll attach automated tags by seeing your pointers
  • Publish & Share

Your Pointer

Punchit Pointer
Punchit Pointer
  • It helps you to check your pointers stats and also you can edit your pointers
  • People can correct it if they find it more relevant to others
  • More on you can also share this on social media platform to reach as many people as possible
  • High reach of your pointer will help you to reach top of trending table

‘What’ — Point is to use PointsOnly.com?

This is the last method of the golden circle. ‘What’ — What is PointsOnly.com. Till now i think you get the overview of PointsOnly.com. Let me give you brief of PointOnly.com

  • It’s a platform to provide information in points.
  • Where people like you and me can create pointwise information.
  • I used to play quora to get different knowledge but it was really time-consuming. On that part, PointsOnly.com makes the difference. Because every information is by the points, it’ll take few minutes to understand any concepts.
  • At some way, it’s News sharing platform, Process Sharing Platform, Platform to make aware and more than these.

It’s PointOnly.com, An online platform to simplify complex things in a simple way through points (bit confusing line right😁).

I hope this platform will you lot. Do like their FB & Instagram page. Also, stalk its founder Mr.Kushal Soni.

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Here comes the end part of the blog. If you believe that comparison helps to make a right decision check our startup punchit.io.

Till now do subscribe this blog, Comment your suggestions & Do share with your Friends/Fans. And don’t forget to follow me on twitter and medium.

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