There Is Still No Hard Evidence For “Russian Hacking”
Michael Tracey

Thank heavens for this article . Thankyou , Michael Tracy .

Russians have every reason to be fed up with the hysterical goading they’ve endured from ‘ the west’ . I wept with joy at the image of Obama’s family on the whitehouse steps , but he does seem to have been overwhelmed by a sort of inner Michael Jackson , a desperate desire to fit his image into a negation of his roots . Thus explaining the world’s turmoil in terms of the banal resort to russophobia employed by his most right-wing predecessors.

Not just the news journalocracy ,but much of the entertainment industry have been wallowing in self-glamourising rhetoric much of it at the intellectual level of such comic-strip fairytales as Batman and Spiderman.

This rhetoric implies that the russians are both fiendishly clever and incredibly stupid . After all what on earth would the benefits be for them if they seriously threatened western powers? None whatsoever,of course .

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