Paris Then and Now

I love Paris.

I also love old photos of Paris (and other places). Recently, there was an imgur post of some photos from Paris in the 1920s. Thanks to Google Maps and some knowledge of the areas, we can get a then and now view without actually living in Paris. I love how so much and yet so little has changed in the past 100 years.

So let’s start…

Then, 1920s
I like how in the 1920’s photo they’re on Motorcycle style vehicles (not sure if they’re motorcycles or just pedal powered) and we have a scooter in the current shot. This photo seems further away, but I believe the difference is the wide angle lens used in Street View compared to a flatter lens (which compresses distances) in the old photo. Google Link
This was a photo at the original location of Shakespeare and Company, 8 rue Dupuytren, not the current location which most modern visitors may have been to.
From beautiful words to beauty products. Google Link
Galeries Lafayette is having a sale with a considerable discount.
Google Link
The world famous Moulin Rouge. Love the carnival ride in the bottom right.
What Parisians would call the quintessential tourist trap, except they’d say it in French. Google Link
No more tulips, just hedges now. Google Link