Vote for Flagellum and Cillia!

Joseph Braun and Sam Ingram
On this election day you should vote for flagellum and cillia so we can move this campaign up in the world. If this world did not have these two organelles cells would go nowhere. Many people think twitter will help move there campaign, but they cannot move at all. Our cillia organelle can sense that we are heading in the right direction and that flagellum is leading the way! All of the other competitors are trying to put each other down while we can move every one in the right direction. In all seriousness if voters want to choose the right organelle, flagellum and cillia are the way to go. Flagellum can move the whole population, and cillia can sense the feelings of America. Together these two organelles make a superpower called undulipodia. This super power would destroy cell walls, conquer vesicles, and take over the nucleus. So, if you Americans choose the movement for flagellum and cillia the super power will not let you down and will help the cell to continue to move forward. All of the other organelles will try to persuade you, but in the end they can only try because without flagellum and cillia they cannot go anywhere. Also, we are not well known, but the small guys are the ones who have the most power because we can fly under the radar. Do America a favor and vote flagellum and cillia because it is right for the cell and right for America.

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