Vote For Ribosomes!

I am a ribosome, and you should vote for me because I work in every single living cell. You die without me. You can think of me as a tiny factory that makes proteins that perform many functions in the cell. In addition to that, I translate encoded information from the nucleus, link amino acids together, and export polypeptides to the cytoplasm. Because I have two subunits, a small and a large, I am like a two for the price of one deal that works twice as hard. I make up 25 percent of a cells dry weight. In a single pancreas cell, I can synthesize 5 million molecules of protein per minute! That is impressive! I synthesize proteins that are used for secretion, lysosomes, and the plasma membrane; therefore, I am extremely important. Because I have a different structure for bacteria, eukaryotes, and mitochondria, I am willing to change to suit all of your needs. I am closely affiliated with the rough endoplasmic reticulum and the nuclear envelope, so I can meet more of your needs. Also, I am both free and bound, so you can find me almost anywhere you need to. I am such a quick worker, that I am able to join amino acids up at a rate of 200 per minute. Fun fact for ya, I am so important that the guy who discovered me won a Nobel Prize. I am ancient and you’re always supposed to listen to your elders, so vote for me!

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