How to really impress international top-class talent

When we asked our new Romanian colleagues to write a report about their first visit to the Bringme HQ in Leuven, we received exactly the kind of document you would expect: 2,000 characters about meeting interesting colleagues, getting a good grasp on a streamlined vision and the challenges involved in its implementation. Fair enough. However: one word was mentioned significantly more often than any other — and that was beer.

See? No matter how hard you try to impress people with your award-winning hardware or innovative software, what people remember is our brilliant Belgian beer. So, why not use this to our advantage?

After all, you don’t build a team based on arguments but on atmosphere.*

In Belgium, beer is very much a part of this and preferably — to quote our Romanian Software Manager — ‘Kwak, Duvel, La Chouffe or any beer which contains at least 8% alcohol’. Of course, here in Belgium we’ve understood this for quite some time. Thankfully, this truth is more universal than our small hop-growing country. This is probably why I have a fridge full of — you guessed it — beer in my office (actually, there could be another reason, but don’t ask).

We are currently seeking top-class talent in Belgium, the Netherlands, London, Berlin, Paris and the United States in order to achieve our ambitions for the months and years ahead. With one outstanding product and good arguments. Fortunately, we’ve already worked out how to make the best impression possible…