State Dept Dan Rosen’s Arrest: Cheat Sheet for Journos
Lori Handrahan

Truly, an amazing article. For me, it affirms the ole adage, ‘Action speaks louder than words.’ 
What stood out for me was those in Government who did NOT sign on to support a Bill that would at the the least inform the public that government is aware of the problem. Imho, duplicitous taints, all of them.

And, sorry if i offend but those who state they did not realize the scope of the problem and say ‘meh’, they are part and parcel of the problem and need quick slap on the lips to wake them up.
After what happened in Boston (see the movie Spotlight), the Global ICC rulings against the roman catholic ‘congregation’ and their ‘useless eaters’ in charge, The SaVile/BBC scandal, First Peoples legal cases all over the world…

…to them i say, save your lame dick excuses and side stepping The Truth of it once again:

‘The Eagles of prayer and talking have left those High Mountains now, and will not return; therefore, all that remains is Action. (Chippewa Elder, 2011)

For me, this article is Action that took courage to offer up. The excuses many people continue offer up for not acting sooner to protect The Children are f**king lame? stfu, sit down and listen; better the cowards say nothing.

Biased i am; i readily admit it because on this issue, and for me alone, to be otherwise is to be at worst, a sociopath. At the least, a duplicitous taint.

Great article.

be well


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