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  1. Application Layer — an HTTP request message is created at the clients web application. But before continuing, a connection with the web server has to be established.
  2. Transport Layer — Following the HTTP request, A TCP packet is generated by client’s OS with destination TCP port 80 (well known HTTP port) and a random TCP source port. In addition TCP SYN flag is set to begin a TCP three way handshake to establish a connection.
  3. IP Layer — An IP header is appended to the TCP segment with the source IP of the client and destination IP of the server…

The route of a self taught software developer is one tough ride, so be prepared.

If you are really passionate and curious about computers and want to explore and learn the magic behind how it all works, and you love solving problems — you better get a college degree. But, if you can’t afford one, or you hate college, you can go the less walked path and become a self-taught software developer.

Mr Crow

A self tought networking software developer

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