Lack is not a good feeling. Lack can be quite demoralizing. Lack of ideas; lack of resources. Sigh! Lack is just not nice in any form or area.

However, I believe Lack has the ability to bring to light the things hidden in us. Lack has a way of forcing the mind to work. Lack has compelled many on several occasions to search within for ideas and concepts to break free from their status quo which was not pleasant.

There are 3 major areas Lack has caused a Dynamic Effect.
Heart-Breaks, Empty Pockets, and Failures.

There are countless stories of how artists, celebrities, and public figures used lack to reinvent their lives. Lack forces people make vows like

My Children will never experience what I experienced when they are my age”
“I will never beg anyone for money again for the rest of my life.”

Lack is powerful and needs to be seen beyond a tool that brings shame. Lack causes a deep resolution to change our state. When in lack, the obligations and pressures seem to keep knocking every time.
Nonetheless, I have observed, when provision (mainly financial) is made such pressures look fickle and become ordinary. So many items keep trying to grab your attention. From the shaving cream (even though you don’t have beards) to milk (despite being lactose intolerant) to the very expensive cologne that shows the opposite sex would fall head over heels if applied. At this point, great restraint has to be put on the body and mind.

I love tech startups, products, and user experiences. I also love plots and twists maybe that’s why I am a big fan of ballad music. When I read stories of great products, I look for the story behind the story of the organization. I am of the opinion that the technology comes second to the critical ingredient (hunger)which can’t be taught in books or heard in podcasts. Airbnb is a perfect example of how Lack has become a propellant to greatness. Here is a condensed version of their story.
Its listening to the stories that caused a spark in the cocoon where ideas are hatched.

Planting before the Rain.
Lack breeds innovation

On a personal note, I know its mostly at a point of lack that my best ideas have been birth. Ideas come out when you live in a country with over 160 million people and no proper infrastructure to cater for different demographics. The infants, The youths, etc. The health sector to cater for the growing population. The sports sector to engage the youths which can reduce crime and laxity.

To quote the great Jack Sparrow of The Pirates of the Caribbean

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”

The problem of Lack is not enough. The “hunger” from the Lack causes a lot. Think deeply, then ideas, insights, and concepts would burst out that would make people look for you. The world is waiting. Your Lack is the pathway to great things in life. Innovate!