Start to finish of the physical build.

About Bobbie

Bobbie is the 3rd spider in my plan of building 7 robot models, each robot is based around specific success criteria. Bobbie has some basic success criteria:

  1. Runs ROS2
  2. Can walk on uneven surfaces
  3. Is virtualised for machine learning training
  4. Can implement the…

Assembling and adapting as we go

In part 1 I outlined why/what/how I was going to build a 3d printer. I’ve been working on it slowly for many months but I have finally got to phase 2, codenamed “just make the damn thing go ffs”.

The extruder and hot end

I had planned on using a dual bowden head on the…

Aim for the moon!

Yorick v6

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — Norman Vincent Peale.

I’ve got a plan to build an army of robotic spiders. By army I mean more robots than I can directly control at once …and not all of them will be spiders, I…

The big robot has more stuff going on

As I mentioned here in 2016, I’m building a large spider robot called Yorick. At the time of writing I was up to version 4. He’s had a bunch of iterations since then, I’ve been slack/busy and neglected writing a blog about it. But here’s the catch-up.

Yorick is now…

Getting the plan down

I’ve been 3d printing for a few years now, it started in January 2015 with me at a public library, playing with their 3d printer.

I had 6 weeks off between jobs… Anyone who knows me will understand that 6 weeks of free time usually leads to me going completely…

Adam Purdie

I just love to make stuff and share a good story about it — so here are some of my personal stories.

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