Impossible Possibilities

Christ invites us to an empowered life, powered by Holy Spirit, why do we settle for the same lifestyles and way of doing life as every other person when there is so much more available to us. Christ said that we will be able to do far more than he ever did (John 14:12), that’s because he created a platform for us to live from and not a ceiling for us to live under.

We should be healing the sick, multiplying resources and walking on water on a day to day basis. If you read about our forefathers of our Christ lives you will read accounts of thousands of dead raised, people frequently encountering God, angels, throne room experiences, people floating off the ground, walking on water, being instantly transported to places, hands on fire, eyes and faces glowing. Why do we settle for the mundane comfortable, same-as-every-one-else lives, compromising truth and experience for comfort and reason. We are called higher and deeper than that.

We need to go beyond human reason and what makes sense to our rational brains that are conditioned to a safe comfortable and understandable life. We need to be renewing our minds and experiencing the things of the Kingdom where it often doesn't make rational sense, where we don’t understand the why and how but then ask Holy Spirit to help us understand it. Just as Jesus was all God and at the same time all man restricted by the same laws of physics, rational thinking and desires, but he broke the laws of physics and human reason on many occasions.

I want to encourage us to take risks and stretch what we know and have been taught. The kingdom is far greater than what we know and what we understand. Explore the unknown, take a chance, see how deep that rabbit hole goes instead of just knowing its there. Why let someone else tell you about what is down there when you can do it yourself? Where’s the fun in that? We have been created to experience and discover the depths of intimacy with our all loving and every joyful God where the possibilities in kingdom life are endless and beyond our wildest imaginations!

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