4 Steps To Be An Effective Engineer

What does it mean “to be effective”?

  1. Valuable Impact.
    You are able to add values to the business you are in.
  2. Opportunities.
    You can seize your own opportunities without regrets.
  3. Relationships.
    People do not hate you and stay in a positive mood after working with you.
  4. Progress.
    You can learn and improve yourself constantly.

Step 1 — Be Responsible

  • Deal with your own mistakes. There is nothing wrong with mistakes and failures, if you fix them and get some knowledge out of it.
    If you need some strategy for dealing with mistakes, read this explanation article.
  • Find the root cause of all mistakes. You need to learn how to prevent things from breaking and how to quickly fix stuff.
  • Find the driving factor of all decisions. You need to understand what is going on and why. It will help you make correct decisions.
  • Do not be afraid to say “No” and “I do not know”. This will be tough, but you will make uncertainty visible. This is really helpful to provide correct expectations. And for preventing bad things from happening.
  • Give feedback. It will help people notice bad things faster.

Step 2 — Create End-User Value

  • Keep your system under control. You need to know how to change the system when user demand changes. Or when business model is refined.
  • Cut ticket/help request turnaround time. Users really love to have their problems magically disappear on a whim.
  • Improve UX and system responsiveness. This will add more “Aha!” moment for your users and will keep them happy. Happy users == happy business.
  • Go talk to your customers. I mean it literally — go and talk to real people using your stuff. It is invaluable!

Step 3 — Be Efficient

  • Analyze surrounding business processes. Your work is basically a problem solving automation. You need to understand what you should automate.
  • Try to optimize things for making profits. Your business always wants more money.
  • Try to optimize things for cutting costs. This is the other way round to make more money.
  • Try to bring new knowledge and ideas. This is the best investment you can make to let business make more money :)

Step 4 — Be Replaceable

  • Share ideas and insights. It will help people around you be more efficient.
  • Write clean and maintainable code. Do not make others suffer in the future.
  • Mentor other people on topics they do not know. Spread the knowledge, make your teammates more capable and skilful.
  • Learn new topic and let others lead you. This will help you recognize and seize new opportunities and unforeseen perspectives.
  • Incorporate your knowledge in the code. No one likes to read docs. But everyone have to read code.
  • Use this fact to leave useful hints for your teammates (read on details here).

To be an Effective Engineer you need to be responsible, valuable, efficient and replaceable.




Software Engineer by day, Founder at Metadevelopment.io (https://mtdv.io) by night.

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Alexey Migutsky

Alexey Migutsky

Software Engineer by day, Founder at Metadevelopment.io (https://mtdv.io) by night.

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