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27 Smart Devices That Have Open API

Internet of Things smart devices becoming a new normal for our daily lives. Seeing the demand on open source grew, It became clear that consumers don’t want to be limited to using devices from one specific vendor. The future will be more like a universe of small individual smart devices that can interact with each other creating the value that is beyond the imagination of their creators.

Six months ago, I started researching on the devices that we can integrate with Moodnode. My aim was to discover as many devices as possible to increase the number of technology ecosystems into which we can integrate.

In this post, you will find some of the most interesting IoT smart devices that you can integrate with an app or a device of your choice. Let’s start!

Home Automation

nest — learning thermostat that already offers connection to various devices.

Thermosmart — an online Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

rainmachine — forecast smart Wi-Fi irrigation controllers.

lockitron — keyless smart lock.

Okidokeys — auto-lock provider for home doors and locks.

Myfox — smart home alarm.

Insteon — home automation system that includes lighting, power outlets, and wall switches.

Phillips Hue — smart wireless light bulb

LIFX — Wi-Fi enabled smart bulb.

WEMO — smart home automation devices vary from light switch to motion sensors.

SmartThings — another smart home automation solutions that cover from smart outlets to water leak sensors.

Harmony — universal home theater remote and app

Amazon Echo — voice recognition device that can connect to Hue, SmartThings and many others.


Misfit — wearable tools that track a user’s activity, health data, sleep, and more.

Jawbone UP — smart wearable fitness tracker.

Sony Lifelog — personal activity tracker.

Angel — flexible wristband that monitors vitals and provides data.

pebble — smartwatch that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

fitbit — family of wearable activity trackers .

Garmin Wellness — another smart activity tracker.

withings — smart wearables to track activity.

DIY Electronics

bttn — internet connected push button.

flic — wireless smart button.

pebblebee — a bluetooth tracking device.

blink(1) — usb indicator light.

littlebit — easy to use electronic building blocks.

Particle — prototype-to-production platform for developing an Internet of Things product.

The list will be updated as I come up with more devices that has open API.

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Written by Michal Rogowski, co-founder of Moodnode, smart light switch that automates your home lights with IoT integration.

Written by

Co-founder of Moodnode, smart light switch that helps you instantly and effortlessly automate your home lights. Get notified on

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