Your Brain On Fun : Introduction

Your Brain On Fun is a part blog and part animated series on why that valuable piece of 3 pound meat in your head craves and defines pop culture. This blog is dedicated to answering all those times we’ve put work to one side to involuntarily watch a pug fall over in a yoda outfit on Youtube all the while thinking “I have no idea why I’m doing this”.

I would win every pageant if starting and quickly giving up on ambitious projects were a category. Although for the same reasons, I would loose the strength category because I start and quit the gym at the beginning of every year. However, there are three great reasons I’m keen Your Brain On Fun sticks around:

  1. I’m no neuroscientist, but I find the way the mothership (our brains) shapes our reality, absolutely fascinating. I see this blog as a perfect opportunity to better understand the things I already obsess over.
  2. I’m an app developer whose committed to making apps to benefit mental health and people’s level of compassion. I’m hoping to use these blogs as a platform to provide a bit of context on how compassion and empathy can work in our busy stressful lives.
  3. I’m hoping to kickstart discussion into the subjects and themes I look at or you want me to look at. Selfishly, I hope in these conversations to learn from people who know better and learn more about what things people love to love and love to hate.

So, if you want to learn how and why things grab your attention then make Your Brain On Fun your homepage?

Why you love the things you love.

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