Moti’s Munchies — Nosteagia

So, I’m a Foodie. I love food. It’s more than just eating food, it’s learning about cultures around food, learning about the history, the people, and the techniques. I follow an almost worrying number of food related profiles and channels on Social Media and Youtube, respectively.

Browsing through Twitter I came across Nosteagia, a store that beautifully crafts bubble waffles and bubble tea worthy of Instagram filters. Bubble waffles, originally called egg waffles, originated in Hong Kong and were made with an egg-rich batter. Having known about, but not tried bubble waffles for a while, you just know I had to go!

Nosteagia have two London locations; a food truck about 5 minutes away from Green Park station, and a quaint store located at the trendy Boxpark, Shoreditch. The Green Park location already has seating available to customers of any of the food trucks there, but you know the buzzing energy around Shoreditch (one of my favourite locations in London) only enhances the experience.

From the simple plain waffle to the more extravagant King Chocolate, Nosteagia have a great selection of bubble waffles and you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. The bubble tea offerings are just as robust.

I decided to go for the Mr. Oreo, a bubble waffle slathered with Nutella, topped with cream (or ice cream, if you’re willing to pay a little extra as I did), crushed Oreo biscuits and chocolate sauce.

The crispy shell of the bubble waffle really added a textural contrast to it’s softer, fluffier innards, and the creaminess of the ice cream. The crunchy Oreo nuggets added a pop of flavour and further texture to the sweet and nutty medley of chocolate sauce and Nutella, a familiar and comforting flavour to anyone who grew up eating Nutella sandwiches as a kid.

I was apprehensive about how cloying this concoction would be but it was pleasantly sweet without being overpowering.

By no means was this a mind-blowing experience so temper your expectations; this is very much a novelty and gimmick. That being said, I enjoyed what I sampled and look forward to returning to Nosteagia to sample one of their awesome bubble teas (any place that has 2 lychee flavour options is worth multiple visits).

We’re all familiar with the feeling of food tasting better when it’s in a particular shape or eaten in a particular way, it’s a universal truth that everyone understands. Whether you opt for curly/waffle fries over regular ones or cut your sandwiches into triangles instead of rectangles, bubble waffles are another way in which food you’re familiar with, can be made to somehow taste that extra bit special.

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