Hello Ryan Hoover, for quite some time I’d wanted to be a part of product hunt but alas I need an invitation which I didn’t have.

I understood the community building, culture retaining and overall quality control reasons.

Years went by till a few days ago when a newly made friend invited me. (You even like the invite tweet 🙇🏾)

Days later I came across a product (Working Copy) that I thought would make a good hunt, searched to see that it hadn’t already been hunted, and nothing came up. Yay!

After my initial confusion trying to add a product via iOS devices (iPod and iPad Pro) I figured maybe this functionality was limited to a desktop browser like some on Airbnb. (Desktop only functionality was NOT mentioned in PH’s FAQs)

So I proceed and was able to find the function and add this product.

My excitement was to be short live as its was a success Only to be met with an error message saying that someone else had already hunted it and proceed to take me to the listing.

Disappointment from the false hope from my search proving that it hadn’t been hunted was a downer.

But I came to terms with that, I live to hunt anything thing another day.

Though on second glance, I didn’t really recognise this listing. Yes it had the name and url but that was it.

No images, No video and a tag line which was truncated and was basically half a sentence.

The quality of this listings left much to be desired.

Whilst I saw the option to add photos and videos, there wasn’t much incentive as the credit of the hunt would then just go to this person who’d done a half ass job.

At which point I thought that maybe they just didn’t have time, or the info was unavailable at the time they hunted it.

So I went to their profile, as I looked up all their other hunts – it was the same thing. Husks of ideas, Not well presented, if at all.

All this has somewhat left a sour taste of my long eagerly awaited product hunt experience.

I just thought I’d share this for whatever it’s worth. Thanks for reading.

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