How do you stay encouraged?
Throwing Oil on the Fire
Kiki Schirr

I tend to find that thinking structurally in cycles and frequency, helps.

Given that the human mind works in two modes - a rigid mode or a fluid mode, awareness of this means that when you utilise the inherent strengths of both, you work efficiently.

Most of the tasks that we do everyday are “rigid mode” repetitive and predictable like selecting what we’re going to eat or wear.

But we tend to not render them as such, instead reading them as “fluid mode” tasks.

“fluid mode” usually reserved for novel problems, to find patterns in chaos. This expends a lot of energy -brain and body power.

So as to not lose steam, working diligently in this manner (setting “rigid mode” stuff to a structure that doesn’t requires much brain power, leaving the most towards “fluid mode”) is something that I find quite helpful and am still embedding into my life.

That’s how I’m staying sane, greatly improving the chances of me staying focused and encouraged to solve a problem we will all positively benefit from 💡

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