How to Customize a Business Card

Hey! guys this is Remon here back with a another tutorial, in this tutorial I’m gonna be showing how to edit any of my business cards that you purchase from GraphicRiver. So lets begin.

How to open the project file

After downloaded any of my business card you will see a zip file name as main files. now extract this zip file using any zip extractor I’m recommending 7-zip.

After that you will see some psd files and two text file name as help.txt and readme.txt .

Now open the readme.txt file and you’ll see some font link, download these fonts and install them to your system. now its time to select any of these project file and open it in your photoshop.

Customizing the Template

After open any project file into photoshop you’ll see something like this.

Now the first thing you needed to do is turn off the bleed layer from layer panel for better view.

After that pick up the text tool from the toolbox or just simply press T from your keyboard and now you are ready to edit any text exist in this document.

After you are done with the backside, it’s time to reveal the front side by turn off the BACK ARTWORK layer group.

Now you are ready to customize the front side of the card.

Well there’s not much you need to edit on front side. Just put your company name and website as shown in the image and your card is ready for printing.

Note: If there is any image or logo exist on the card and you need to edit them, simply select the image/logo and double click on it and replace that with your image/logo.

If you need any more help, you can knock me on skype: remon.asr786