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If there’s only one of us, why is there more than one of us?

The One of you is vast, it’s all there is. So to know certain aspects of this vastness, One must have something to compare One to. Thus the One becomes two, and relativity is born.

One becomes two

The result of this decision leads us to this current contextual universe we live in — where we can experience duality and relativity. For example: to experience something as hot, cold must be knowable. To experience abundance, poverty must be knowable. To experience health, illness must be knowable. To experience love… you get the idea.

This is the universe expressing itself and knowing itself, and that is the role it is playing through us.. as us, as well as the rest of life. The Universe is quite literally at our command. We are it. We are just unaware of the extent of this truth.

Separation is an illusion

What you are currently perceiving as outside of you, or separate from you — is not separate at all. Take a look around you and say hello to yourself.

source: the-red-lotus-blog.tumblr

Our thoughts, words, beliefs, emotions and actions reflect our state of being, drawing toward us life experiences and relationships designed for us to see the reflection of our BE-ing made manifest. This is the process of creating our experience or “reality”. This is the Oneness of life knowing itself. This is you. You are both the process that is unfolding and the process itself.

Experience is life’s grand communicator, reflecting back at us what we project out to it. The opportunity is always there for us to see our role in its creation, and then create ourselves anew based on our new understandings of ourselves.

For this to make any sense there was a problem that needed to be solved, for how could you experience being separate from something that you are?

How could The Universe know itself as The Universe, when it is all there is?

To know yourself as separate from the rest, you had to play a trick on yourself. This is the role our 5 senses play in the creation of our reality — they create a field where the imaginary circumstance of our consciousness as something separate from the whole, can exist as a knowable experience. This is the delusion of consciousness Einstein talked about. The human, who is part of the one universe, imagines himself to be separate from it.

This is also the sacred gift, because it allows us the opportunity to decide who we are in relation to our surroundings and gives us the freedom to BE that change and experience that state of being.

I get it, I’m one with everything. How does this apply to my relationships?

The Theory of One directly implies that there is really only one relationship you can have, the one with yourself. This may get long, because relationships are super important.

The purpose of relationships is so that we can know, understand and love ourselves.

Remember, The Universe is bringing you experiences so that you may know yourself, and there is no clearer way to see yourself reflected than in another person. Everyone brings a gift to us in that sense, just by being who they are in that moment. They are a piece of us, reflecting back at us a piece of ourselves. We all do this for each other every day. This is the gift of relationships.

The people who show up in your life are a mirror of your thoughts and beliefs. This is why it is said that you will reflect the beliefs and values of the 6 people you spend the most time with. With understanding of another’s perception, we even have the ability to put ourselves in their shoes and see the world how they do. Love what you see in another? Great, be more of that. Don’t like what you see in another? Great, reflect the change you wish to see in your own state of being. Refrain from passing judgement, for you would only be judging yourself.

I would like to stress the importance of having the freedom to stop seeing our reflection in another person at any moment. The point of seeing ourselves in another, recognizing oneness, is to then decide who we are in relation to it.

Beyonce — Irreplaceable

If we decide a relationship is no longer a true reflection of who we are, then the reflection has served its purpose. There is no requiring another to change, that is up to them to do on their own time & terms. Just because a relationship ends, does not mean it failed to serve its purpose. Even if a relationship no longer serves our highest good, it lead us to a clearer definition of what that highest good is and represents.

Do not be afraid to change and let people go. The people who are meant to be in your future will show up as brand new people right along with you, because it is all a reflection. In fact, it is your example that lights their way.

We must make efforts to surround ourselves with people who bring out the best in us. People who inspire us, call us to our own greatness through their shining example. The people we spend the most time with should be full of traits we want to emulate.

Love Yourself

What we give to another, we give to ourself. What we fail to give another, we fail to give ourself.

Only when you love yourself fully, can you truly give your love to another. When you fully give your love to another, you will watch them thrive. Think of a mother and her newborn child, the child thrives and grows through her nurturing and unconditional love. She understands there is no separation and so does her baby.

The Universe operates with this same understanding, it sees no separation between itself and us. We are all loved unconditionally as a result.

If the purpose of relationships is to know and love yourself, and the people who show up in our lives are our mirror, then all we need to do to love other people is love ourselves first.

Choose Love

It has been said that all we humans desire is to love and be loved. That is because at our truest essence, the soul or spirit, we are pure love. That’s why Love feels the way it does, it is the feeling of home.

In order to experience love, however, it’s opposite must be knowable. Even fear is born of love, simply so love could know and experience itself. In a world where hate, judgement, greed and selfishness can be used to attain earthly means — we must be vigilant in remaining true to the love we are. Those actions and beliefs that would separate us will need to be left behind. There is no question that hatred is known in the human experience, just look at recorded history. It is time for us to set hate down and leave it in the past.

It is time to practice revolutionary self love. This love of Self sets the tone for every social interaction we have.

A Call to Action

For a moment, think about when your body shows signs of pain to signal you (the caretaker of your body) that a little extra care needs to be taken in a certain area. You don’t actually do much, except put your attention and care into the pain inflicted area. You simply love yourself. The trillions of cells in your miraculous body do the rest. That’s because each and every cell of your body is illuminated with divine intelligence. It knows what to do.

Such is the case with you. In the body of the One Collective of humanity your pain is a signal to the ONE of us, the COLLECTIVE of us, that attention and care are needed in a certain area. The collective was able to ignore the pain because it didn’t remember it was a collective, but it can be ignored no longer. This is not limited to pain however: your joy is our joy, your love is our love, we are all in this together.

So humanity, it is time for us to heal our self inflicted wounds and get back to thriving like every other species on this planet. Our true nature is of abundance and health — oneness with all of life. Yet just like your body doesn’t wait for your participation to begin healing itself, we can no longer ignore our collective problems waiting for someone else to fix it. It is up to us to begin healing ourselves and the world. It is up to us to dream of the future we wish to experience and not the one that seems imminent. We have the tools in our hands to live in the abundant paradise that the earth provides. We just have to change our thinking and our ways, and the time to do so is now.

Shia LeBouf — Follow Your Dreams

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