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Dear Jon and Dan (if I may):

After the dispiriting vote to repeal/replace Obamacare with a travesty, I tuned into your podcast yesterday evening.

While I always enjoy your insights and analysis, I was surprised that you did not mention the role of the Mercer family in obtaining the Republican votes they needed to pass the health care bill. The Mercer family is especially powerful among Republicans on the East Coast, even so-called moderates. Indeed, I don’t believe you discuss the money in politics very often. Why not? I believe it’s part of Trump’s emergence, and understanding the money (or, following it) we will be better able to combat Republican, draconian policies.

It would be great if you could get in journalists like Jane Mayer, an investigative journalist, and/or economic writer John Cassidy, who understand the way money works in Congress and the Senate. (Yes, I read the New Yorker!) But there are others who are investigating the ultra-rich backers of Republicans, and it is very much part of the equation — because it is the ultra-rich agenda that is being enacted now. I know you both realize, apart from their dramatic antics, Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon are “Mercer people” and their actual job is to safeguard Mercer ideology?

In future, it would be great if you could step back from the personalities of the congresspeople/senators to look more critically at their sponsors. I think we can then get a clearer view of the framework they operate within.

Many thanks for considering!

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