Why the first step is always the hardest

Today was the second day of my walk to the end of 2017 to create awareness about PCOS.

Ever since I wrote the post last night, I am humbled by the responses I received — some of encouragement, some of concern, some of experiences, and some of queries. More on that later.

As I was enjoying my mid afternoon siesta and curling up with the blanket (blame it on the chilly Bengaluru weather) I suddenly realised that I had not walked today after screaming my lungs about it yesterday. For a moment, it was a tussle — I could sleep some more and then venture out perhaps. However, this time the goal seemed more lucrative than the distraction.

I got out in a bit and today had earphones for company. I have a handful of observations from my walk today.

Walks in cities are chaotic, particularly, on weekends.

Cities genuinely lack good walking spaces to navigate if not recreate. I loomed in the fear of being knocked down by some vehicle because pavements were in a state of disarray. Some were being newly laid out, whereas others were encroached as seating area for eateries. One may argue that I should probably try all walk antics in parks and not give gyaan here. Fair enough. However, to reach the park I do need to use the pavement and nothing’s quite helpful really. Not to forget none of these spaces take into account ramps for the physically challenged. Anyhow, I really wish I could easily stroll in my neighborhood (on cobbled paths perhaps) than play hop scotch with missing pavement tiles and dog poop.

Completing the first kilometre looks like a distant dream.

I use a tracker to time my walks as well track my activity. I may have almost seen my watch 10 times just to see if it was 1 km already. And every time it felt like I have walked miles but the tracker forgot to count. So really had to push myself today for the initial 1 km but got the grip as number 5 inched closer.

Parks are a boon to cities.

I live in the part of Bengaluru which still has a fair share of trees. Today’s venue was particularly interesting because the park stretched over a kilometer (with duly demarcated sections and grills) and flanked by narrow lanes on both sides. It’s like a sea of trees cut across continents that housed palatial bungalows on one side and corporate tech parks on the other. I walked around the park perimeter and not inside the track because today I felt like scaling the roads.

Rewards help you in pushing yourself to the goal.

Just like I promised myself to walk everyday, I also promised myself to treat myself a little just to keep the spirits high. It’s difficult to achieve goals alone. When you are responsible for both executing and motivating yourself, the instant buzz fades off sooner than expected. These little rewards help in going that extra mile and save a future guilt trip.

My reward was a cup of chai because nothing like a cup of chai in chilly weather. Every time I saw a tea shop, I kept pushing myself to have it at the next shop just so that I dont lose focus. And at the 4.5 km mark, I had my tea. It was just a glass of tea but felt like a bournville bar really because I earned it. Happily trotted the remaining 500 m after that.

Day 2, seized. Clocked 59.11 min.

See you tomorrow.

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