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There’s a soothing calm about the mornings.

As the sun starts rising, and the birds come awake with joyous chirps and tweets. The morning mist carries across the grass, and through river valleys. The moist leaves and blades of grass glistening in the sun’s rays. There truly is something beautiful and soothing about mornings.

For the last few years I’ve developed a growing love for the mornings. Though I’ve enjoyed the sunrise and the dawn of a new day, I’ve never truly appreciated why mornings are so great, or how to effectively use them.

Through the winter months, I would drag myself out of bed before the first sign of light, and force myself into routines poised to drive myself into better shape. When the weather turns nice, I would occupy this time suffering through running in the same way I did the gym through the winter. These routines have their perks, and I can’t deny the energy benefits of exercise in the morning, but they don’t let you enjoy the morning.

It’s hard to fully appreciate the beauty of the morning when you’re putting yourself through physical pain.

Today I tried something new. After sleeping in well past my regular alarm of 5:45, I decided to just step back, and take the morning slowly. I showered and prepared for the day, and got in my truck to drive downtown. I played uplifting music through Spotify, and took in the sunrise.

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There’s something nice about sitting in a sunny cafe to take in the morning.

Rather than rushing into the office, I went for a walk by the park, stopping at a favourite breakfast joint to eat. I ordered a delicious breakfast sandwich (Kava bean’s ciabatta bun is something magical), and sat down at a sun-drenched table by the window.

I was experiencing the mornings in a way I had never done before, slow and easy. I actually took the time to read through articles rather than skimming through like a consumption junky. I took the time to think through future progress for DesignChats, and prepare for my day. It was a nice contrast to the rush many of us so often experience. My morning, at my pace.

Today gave me a new perspective on mornings, and how to properly experience them. Taking time at the beginning of the day sets a positive tone for the rest, and leaves time for contemplation, reflection and observation.

How do you experience your mornings?

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