Why I want to experience Moab with 59 incredible people….

…who also happen to be some of the best designers in the world

How could you not want to settle in under these stars and camp?

First I’ll make it clear. I woke up this morning to this tweet and I’ve been ramped up on energy since I woke up. This episode of Epicurrence is basically a dream — mountain biking, camping, hiking, and the world’s greatest group of designers in one location. #epic. Throw in a road trip to Moab, and this will make for one incredible week.

What about these epic badges though? #killingit

So What is Epicurrence?

Having never attended an Epicurrence event myself I have to rely on word of mouth from friends and fellow designers who have had the privilege of attending.

Basically it’s the most praised ‘un conference’ for designers right now. No laptops, no recruiting/poaching, just straight up adventure, community, and relationship building.

Strip away the structure of a typical conference, inject a whole lot more fun and camaraderie (and epic people), and host it in some of the world’s most beautiful locations — and you’re starting to get a sense of what Epicurrence can offer. But don’t take my word for it → Check this out:

You should also go on YouTube and subscribe to Dann’s Vlog

So why do I want to attend?

Since November of last year, myself and local designers Riley Donelson and Kevin Lee have been working to build out a design community here in KW. It started with a simple breakfast meetup, that has since spiralled into a quickly growing community of nearly 100 designers, and a spread of events designed to both build the design community locally, and demonstrate the power and importance of design.

Spreading the power of design is what gets me up in the morning, whether it’s through DesignChats events, or through the incredible work our product team at Chalk.com is doing for education. Design is at the root of everything I do.

Photo from epicurrence.com

Epicurrence has an incredible ability to bring together some of the top designers from around the world, and at the same time completely level the playing field (again — only from what I’ve heard) of fame and success. There’s a large group of designers I look up to, and always will, regardless of my personal career success — and they all seem to collect at Epicurrence. Designers from Dann Petty himself, to Tobias van Schneider and Julie Zhuo, and Geoffrey Teehan — totally rad people, who I can learn endless amounts from.

The beautiful thing about Epicurrence is, as a level playing field knowledge isn’t just a waterfall, we’re all exchanging knowledge amongst each other. Though I may learn lots from a rad dude like Tobias, I have the chance to share my thoughts and experiences with him too. That’s an experience you really can’t find at a conference anywhere else.

Epic context & location aside — I want to attend Epicurrence to humble myself as a designer, as a product leader, and as a community organizer. Epicurrence is an opportunity to open myself up to the incredible insight, stories and learnings from all the other attendees — It’s simply a bonus that it’s in a beautiful place doing some of the epic things I love.

I’m super stoked Dann! Thanks for putting these events together. If I make the cut — a road trip is totally happening; “The Road to Moab”.

P.s. Thanks to Suhaila and Katherine for spreading the love of Epicurrence to myself and the DesignChats community here in KW :) You got #KW pretty stoked on the concept.

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