One of the key goals of any designer is to create clear and understandable designs; pages that are well organized, balanced, with information that is easy to read and absorb will naturally result in a much better experience for your users. …

Despite the name, heuristic evaluations are not as complex as they sound. In fact, they’re a great tool for teams with various budgets for testing, as they can be executed in a couple of different ways.

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What is a heuristic evaluation?

A heuristic technique is an approach of discovery or problem solving that has broad guidelines, or rules of thumb, without any rules etched in stone. It’s a guided look into a problem or study.

As it applies to UX and product design, a heuristic evaluation is a method of inspecting and evaluating the usability of a website, or product. You may also hear it referred to as a “usability audit” or an “expert review”. Using a set of heuristics, one or more experts will evaluate how well a product complies to these heuristics to define its usability. …

My Dad sent a text to my family this week, toting the purchase of drugs worth a couple thousand dollars (free of course because of Ontario’s health care coverage) in preparation for his latest cancer checkup. A radioactive beverage, and a series of shots were on the docket, certainly an unpleasant experience just around the corner.

My Dad has been ‘cancer free’ for nearly 4 years now, but this text exchange was a subtle reminder that you’re never fully clear of Cancer’s evil grasp. …


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