Dear Jaclyn: No, BuzzFeed isn’t stealing your videos
Sara and Kelsey

  1. Your screenshots are not sufficient for anyone to independently verify their validity…. Ultimately useless since all modern desktop browsers have easy inspection and DOM manipulation. (For non-developers anyone with basic HTML knowledge and easily forge screenshots with fake content).
  2. Jacklyn clearly tried to address this with you directly, as documented in her first video. Rather than initiating a conversation directly with her or responding on YouTube, you created an account on Medium (this is your only fucking post, it’s pretty obvious you created this account for this response). Basically, you’ve switched platform then pretended to address it to her directly. Why switch platform? Something seems suspicious there…
  3. The claim that it’s just “overlap” is ridiculous. Sure, the subject matter of the content can overlap, but from her video it’s clear that a lot of the dialogue is almost a verbatim copy. Do you really expect us to believe that so many coincidences occur in a single video? Please show some fucking respect for the YouTube community, we’re not idiots.

I can’t say with 100% certainty that you stole her content, but if I were a gambler I would be betting against you.

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